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From concept to final realisation, the journey is always filled with surprises

Ever since my early childhood, art, music and dancing have been an important part of my life. It's true. But, that was not all. For some reason or other, it soon became apparent that organizing events, motivating people and generally, making things happen, were an equal part of my "charisma". Whether it was a neighbourhood playdate, a birthday party or a performance of any kind - the presentation often turned out to be as much of a showcase as the actual activity, itself. It all came so naturally.

Could it have turned out any other way, than to become a Creative Marketing Strategist and an Artist? There are many hats which I have in my professional wardrobe, regarding these titles. Personal experiences have given me a thorough and well-rounded approach to dealing with several aspects of the advertising universe and the art world. My talents and adaptability allow me both the strength and flexibility to handle a wide variety of creative skills, and multi-task well beyond the confines of any one job, on a daily basis.

I feel very fortunate with my career choice. It compliments so many qualities that I appreciate about life, itself. I love meeting and working with people. Integrity is a mainstay, with me.

Professionally, I love to hone in on a (art) project's individual characteristics. Around every corner, is a new adventure. Giving birth to ideas which challenge the norm whilst turning it into something extra-ordinary, is something I thrive on. There is always an unique angle to be discovered. On top of that, the happiness and success which comes along with transforming a client's dreams (weather it's an advertising campaign or an artwork) into reality brings its own rewards. It even makes the journey all the more fulfilling.

"When one sees a design or a painting, the image can inspire far beyond the initial impact."

Meanwhile, I keep myself fit and healthy. Loving friends and playtime is still an important spice in my agenda. With so many avenues, waiting to be explored, the future beckons with an awe-inspiring allure. New opportunities to grow, develop and make-things-happen!


“Art inspires. Inspiration motivates. And, with such motivation we are capable of turning our dreams into reality"

~ Roxsane Maxwell


2007 - 2008

Communication Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

2003 - 2007

Visual Communication, Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten

2002 - 2003

Graphic Design, ArtEZ University of the Arts



My Girl with a Pearl Open Call, Mauritshuis Museum The Hague





My Girl with a Pearl Exhibition - Mauritshuis Museum The Hague

Revival of the Classics - Nassaukade Atelier Amsterdam

Equinox - NS16 Gallery, Tilburg



Artwork: Alex - SBK Art Rental & Gallery, Amsterdam

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